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Community Manager

Cypher Souls

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About the Role

As a Community Manager, you will lead projects that harnessBite Vein's creative energies to attract and engage players with a deep understanding and appreciation of the Bite Vein Games mindset. You'll be working closely with a team of fellow gamers and creative professionals, you will develop a variety of publishing efforts and see them through the execution of key campaigns that bring value, excitement, and trust to the players. You’ll work closely with brand, eCommerce, communications, production, creatives, and our partner teams as well as third-party vendors to bring engaging experiences to more players arround the world.

Job Responsibilities

• Create campaign strategies in partnership with the local/central communications team and different stakeholders that hit the mark in culturally relevant ways for players

• Develop and execute key communications projects and follow through in every step of execution working with internal teams, partner teams, and third‐party vendors to deliver value and excitement to our fans in China

• Ensure that locally developed marketing and communications assets are of the highest standard and representative of a player‐focused approach that fit our IP and brandings.

• Establish and use KPIs to measure and consistently help to improve marketing performance

• Track content performance and player sentiment as a day habit, compile analytics to better inform how well different contents reach, inform and engage players thus further improving the content strategy

• Maintain and evolve the core brand of our products (Animation/Music/Games) from a communications perspective, formulating a long‐standing connection with our fans through communications brand building and expansion.

• Be an expert on china young aduiences, and act as a nexus of publishing knowledge and communications, experiences in entertainment industry is a plus


• Well‐honed marketing expert with at least 5 years of experience in marketing/communications/PR, demonstrating success in establishing best practices, analysis, and trends, product positioning, creative and media strategies, PR and promotions

• Speak and write fluent English and Chinese while having in‐depth knowledge about the china internet users, young aduiences, knowledge with gaming industry or entertainment industry is a plus; phenomenal communicator, not only can speak your mind directly, can layout the logics behind; persuasive towards internal stakeholders as well as external partners

• Have the ability to see the big picture and utilize your suite of skills to level up your team's creative ideas; you back up the strong marketing instincts with meticulous analysis, metrics, and statistics
Able to think and contribute broadly, across a number of publishing sub‐disciplines and functions, but also able to dive deeply into brand management and development.

• Show strong strategic thinking, being able to make decisions from a macro perspective considering your partner and the market ecosystem; but at the same time, you show the same attention to details because you know that it is the details that make the difference.

• Understand die-hard fandom and can empathize with our most audiences; you know the importance of listening to audiences needs.

• Common Sense is not that common. You must have the good common senses to decide in a short period and make responses in a reasonable timely manner

• Passion in Gaming: You’re a gamer with deep passion in one or more competitive genres and you use your gaming experience to connect with and represent players as a gamer yourself; as a gamer who loves marketing you’ll stay on top of what is happening across all platforms and genres and analyze industry brand campaigns

Epic Skills

• Fluency in Spanish

• Your passion for video games is what drove you to the industry; you love games and take play seriously.

• You take deep pride in your work and view each new problem as an opportunity for success; you approach challenges creatively, but methodically, sparking discussions as you work toward prioritizing and breaking down the steps to solutions.

• While you’re a capable self-manager, your natural verve and sense of fun make you thrive as part of a team; you encourage others, provide meaningful and constructive criticism, and remain cool, calm, and collected in a crisis.

Cypher Souls

Cypher souls is a TGC game where you collect and fight with your cards to increase your skills and rewards.

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