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Cypher Souls

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About the Role

As part of the Illustration team, you will use your artistic eye and keen understanding of dynamic lighting, form, and color to tell concise and evocative stories. By closely collaborating with a team of dedicated illustrators, animators and game designers, you will help define and illustrate each card's unique place in our universe.

Job Responsibilities

• Create key illustrations for cards and heores that communicate the personality and essence of each one with a strong sense of rendering

• Give and receive extensive feedback

• Collaborate with artists in other disciplines to create cohesive and awesome illustrations

• Create promotional art for events on as-needed basis

• Apply ‘out of the box’ creativity for video game art by painting visually awesome experiences for players


• High level portfolio.

• Available to work full-descentralized

• Experience with PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator

Epic Skills

• Strong fundamentals in proportions, anatomy, materials, color usage, lighting, areas of detail and areas of rest

• Ability to showcase a character’s story and portray personality through facial expression and acting

• Experience with dynamic compositions, compelling silhouettes, and creative use of camera angles

• For this role please, send links to an online portfolio, (Artstation, personal websites, etc.)

• Ensure your portfolio showcases your best work

Cypher Souls

Cypher souls is a TGC game where you collect and fight with your cards to increase your skills and rewards.

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