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About the Role

As a Producer on Zomon team, you will join the effort of shipping incredible experiences for players. By encouraging teams to collaborate we'll drive development, smashing through obstacles and driving projects across the finish line and into players’ hands. We'll meet and exceed expectations by helping conceptualize, deliver, improve, and influence creative projects at every stage of production.

Job Responsibilities

• Oversee and drive the delivery of game production in collaboration with internal and external partners.

• Ensure cross-functional communication with external partners, bridging the gap between organizations by facilitating discussions, driving alignment, and negotiating compromises as necessary to ensure the timely service delivery and deployment.

• Collaborate with partners across the organization, communicate product vision.

• Drive product plan and development, from conception to launch, of products and product strategies that aim to improve efficiency.

• Lead the team in scoping and prioritizing features based on customer impact, and ensure each product has well-defined, essential metrics and the proper tracking mechanisms to measure key performance indicators.


• Experienced: You have 3+ years of work experience with a strong track record.

• Open-minded: You enjoy brainstorming improvement ideas and encourage discussion of alternative and unconventional approaches.

• Proactive self-starter: You're a highly-motivated independent thinker who'd rather ask for forgiveness than permission.

• Strategic and insight informed: You have the ability to see the big picture and use your suite of skills to level up our channels; you root these insights in strong analysis metrics and stats and know how to turn an insight into a big idea.

• A clear communicator: You can effectively communicate in any medium: presentations, email, conference calls, etc .; you're able to convert a large amount of information and data into a clear message.

• English speaker: You are fluent in written and spoken English communication.

Epic Skills

• Fluency in Spanish

• Your passion for video games is what drove you to the industry; you love games and take play seriously.

• You take deep pride in your work and view each new problem as an opportunity for success; you approach challenges creatively, but methodically, sparking discussions as you work toward prioritizing and breaking down the steps to solutions.

• While you’re a capable self-manager, your natural verve and sense of fun make you thrive as part of a team; you encourage others, provide meaningful and constructive criticism, and remain cool, calm, and collected in a crisis.


Zomon is an action RPG fantasy game where you collect and train Zomon creatures to adventure across a fantasy world.

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